Political and Country Risk

Political and Country Risk

S-RM combines local and regional expertise with rigorous analysis to provide our clients with a superior understanding of political, commercial and security environments.

Our highly responsive service reduces uncertainty, enabling our clients’ decision-making. Our Global Security Insights (GSI) website is a market leader and competitively priced.

The GSI is the most accessible way to stay highly informed on political and security risks.

Information has never been more freely available. But an informed and trusted view is often hard to find. In over 6 billion internet searches per day, there will be tens of thousands seeking analysis of global geopolitical issues. However, those searches may end in information which is densely written, highly subjective or even factually incorrect.

Researched, written and maintained by regional experts, Global Security Insight is an accessible and intuitive platform providing political and security risk forecasts, travel advice and regional context.
We offer a unique, fully searchable collection of regional articles and features which is publicly available. For our subscribers, we provide an in-depth country risk service via a digital platform designed for everyday use.

For more information contact gsi@s-rm.co.uk