Risk Management



Risk Management

S-RM’s Risk Management practice enables organisations to understand and mitigate their security and operational risks. Our risk management solutions are agile, innovative and tailored to our client’s specific needs. Our aim, through risk reporting and mitigation plans, is to reduce uncertainty and deliver a commercial advantage.

Risk Consulting’s in-house specialists have a deep understanding of operational risk, cyber security and the offshore operating environment. We routinely support a wide range of industries, including mining, oil & gas, shipping, insurance, FMCG, renewables and media. In conjunction with our Business Intelligence platform, we assess risks and identify the most pragmatic mitigation measures to reduce them to an acceptable level.

Security Risk Management

S-RM provides expert security risk management support to enable your staff to focus on core business.

Our services include embedded security managers, retained consultancy and the provision of close protection, vehicles and drivers.

Crisis Management

S-RM’s flexible crisis management plans, procedures and training provide operational resilience and safeguard people, assets and reputation.

We assist our clients with preparing for the unexpected, supporting business continuity and minimising disruption.



Political and Country Risk

S-RM combines local and regional expertise with rigorous analysis to provide our clients with a superior understanding of political, commercial and security environments. Our highly responsive service reduces uncertainty, enabling our clients’ decision-making. We are the exclusive risk intelligence provider to XL Catlin’s Crisis Management division.