Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence

S-RM undertakes due diligence reporting and investigations to support clients worldwide. Our clients range from investment banks, law firms, governments and multinationals through to start-ups and charities.

We work alongside clients to support investments, partnership, and financing decisions, anti-money laundering and anti-bribery and corruption processes, and disputes and litigation. We serve compliance and risk management departments, legal teams, investment professionals, and top management.

S-RM’s Business Intelligence division focuses on providing clients with well-sourced, actionable reporting. Rapid, robust analysis is the heart of our business, and we are passionate about providing our clients with industry-leading insights and advice about companies and individuals worldwide. With the speed and accuracy of our reporting, we pride ourselves on finding effective solutions for clients faced with limited timeframes and complex requirements.

Due Diligence

We provide a range of compliance-focused due diligence products to support compliance teams, legal counsel, and top management on an ongoing basis. 

Through the knowledge and insights of our regional teams, and our robust research and analytical methodologies, our clients are able to respond to risks with confidence based on well-evidenced, independent reporting and advice, provided rapidly and accurately.

Due Diligence

We undertake investigative pre-transactional due diligence on behalf of clients examining a range of strategic-level corporate and financial activities, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A), joint ventures (JVs) and major financings. 

Our clients for our pre-transactional services include multinational corporates, commodities traders, hedge funds, private-equity firms, and investment banks. 

Our regional teams are expert at researching open-source data sources; obtaining and analysing records retrieved from local registries and courthouses; and gathering intelligence from human sources through on-the-ground enquiries.

For every project, we assemble a team with the most appropriate industry and country-level experience and expertise across our international offices. S-RM’s Business Intelligence division has professionals from a range of backgrounds, including journalism, government, finance, law, academia, and political consultancy. Our regional teams comprise specialists with deep knowledge and experience of their respective regions. We speak over 20 languages across our regional teams, which are based between offices in Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town, and London.

Dispute and Litigation Support

Our team assists clients involved in litigation, disputes and internal investigations.

We provide investigative support, often in parallel with legal proceedings, to locate, identify and assess critical information outside of clients’ records and disclosure. We regularly undertake asset tracing engagements for our clients in contemplation of litigation or at the enforcement stage.